I'm feeling very good about the new year. Not in any excitable way, but chill and confident. Well. Chill, at the very least.

The Moment was spent curled up on the bed with Reagan, a plate of special cheeses between us and glasses of Strongbow in hand. We were watching a live feed of Time Square. When the countdown was in the 40 second range I commented on how anticlimactic the new year was going to be for us. I didn't mind much, some of late 2009 was spent discovering that I'm a person comfortable with anticlimax.

We watched the giant screen in New York via my small screen balanced on my knees as the east coast reached single digits. We didn't count along, but let the crowds call out "six, five, four" for us. Then the connection slowed, leaving us with a frozen picture that didn't pick up again until the confetti was falling.

Yes, my New Year was defined by lag. We laughed, kissed, then toasted with our hard cider.

Happy Decades. A cheer for surviving the old one, and a fierce wish for the one to come. Let's all make the most of our new tomorrows.